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TAMPA -- It's no secret that youth athletics, especially travel teams, are extremely expensive. To overcome the high costs of participation, the nonprofit is working to level the playing field, providing scholarships and gently used gear to student athletes in swing sports.

"The rising cost of competing for student athletes in baseball, softball and other swing sports is making it nearly impossible for many families to participate. Our goal with is to level the playing field, help teams and facilities to ease the burden on participating families by providing scholarships and gently used practice clothing and gear," said Founder, Melissa Pranzo.

Youth athletics have grown more competitive, and families are feeling the pressure. Their athletes may need extra coaching and performance training in order to make a team and retain their spot. Hitting for 30 minutes of one-on-one with a baseball coach can cost upwards of $50 per session, which adds up fast. What if your child is a pitcher or a catcher too? More lessons. More training. aims to put the fun back into the sports we love by easing the burden and stress of competing on families. collects gently used or new practice gear, clothing and equipment to provide to local swing sports (baseball, softball, lacrosse, golf, tennis and ice hockey) teams and facilities, as well as accepts financial donations to fund scholarships to cover team fees, uniform fees and extra coaching.

A nonprofit organization, the mission of is to make youth athletics, specifically swing sports, including baseball, softball, tennis, golf, lacrosse and ice hockey, more accessible to families in the Tampa Bay area.

" was born from a love of baseball, and we've decided to include other local swing sports, i.e., softball, tennis, golf, lacrosse, and ice hockey, in our mission," said Pranzo. "I've been an athlete my entire life, and while the burden on my parents wasn't small, the cost of participating in sports I loved, and still do, is staggering."

"From participation fees to gear, competitive youth sports are becoming something, which, only the wealthy can afford," said Pranzo. "Swing4All is here to do what we can to bring those costs down, provide gently used equipment for less or no cost and scholarships to teams and facilities."

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